Control your shots with Director's View on the Galaxy S21 Series

Choose your angles and control your shots like a pro with Director’s View. Record videos with various angles of view by changing cameras.

You can view each camera’s scenes through the thumbnail and change the scene by tapping the thumbnail while recording a video.

Multi-camera standby

Capture more of your scene and tell a better story with a video. Like a movie director, you can simply switch between different views while shooting, and make a video with the front facing camera and rear facing camera.

When shooting a group video for special occasions such as a birthday party or a monumental travel destination, video of the photographer can be simultaneously recorded with the background video.

You can view a live thumbnail in various recording angles using Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto. You can tap the thumbnails to switch between camera lenses that are on standby. 

Director's View

Note: Resolution for both rear and front is FHD 30fps. 

Vlogger mode

As Director’s View allows you to record from multiple camera lenses at the same time, dual recording with front and rear camera offers more options, especially to Vloggers. The joy of dual recorded vlogs can be more interesting to an audience who seeks fun, informative, or conversational content.

How to shoot Director’s View

Step 1. Go to Camera

Step 2. On the shooting modes list, tap MORE > DIRECTOR’S VIEW.

Change the screen mode

① Change the screen mode      ② Front camera view     ③ Camera thumbnail

Step 3. Select the camera thumbnail you want.

Step 4. If you want to change the screen mode, tap the Change the screen mode icon on the upper right corner, and select the screen mode you want: PIP(Picture-in-picture), Split view and Single view. 

Change the screen mode

① PIP View

② Split View                         

③ Single View

Step 5. Tap the Record button to record a video. You can change the camera while recording by tapping the thumbnail. If the thumbnail is hidden, tap the Display button to display it.

Step 6. Tap the Stop button to stop recording the video.

Find more camera information about the Galaxy S21 Series on 'What are the latest features of the Galaxy S21 Series Camera?' with Samsung Support.

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