How do I find MAC Address or device number of my Wi-Fi enabled washing machine?

Last modified : Mar 02. 2018

To find the MAC Address/Device Number of your Wi-Fi Washing Machine, simply do the following:

Washing Machine
1 On the Washing Machine, make sure that the Wi-Fi indicator is on. Then press the Smart Control button to activate the Smart Control function. When this function is activated, the Smart Control indicator will light up. Also from your smart phone open the Samsung Smart Washer app.
Samsung Smart App
2 Tap Indoor control then a Search will begin. The Washing Machine and MAC Address/Device Number will then be displayed in brackets. Please refer the steps below.
Samsung Smart App

Please note: This will only show once the unit has been authenticated with the application and WiFi setup is completed.

SETTING THE NETWORK (for Android devices)

1 Tap and bring up the applications menu on your phone. Then find and open the Play Store icon.
Play Store
2 Once the Play Store is opened, do a search.
3 Once the search box appears, type in Samsung Smart Washer.
4 Once the search is complete, the app Samsung Smart Washer will be displayed. You need to download this App to your phone.
Samsung Smart Washer

Please note: Make sure the app changes from Free to Installed.

5 Once the application is downloaded to your phone, you are now ready to set up the washer Wi-Fi control.
Samsung Smart app
6 Tap the Settings icon. Once the settings menu appears, tap the Wireless and network section.
Wireless and network
7 After selecting Wireless and network, tap Wi-Fi settings. Then turn on the Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi settings
8 Once the list of available networks appears, select the network to be used and enter the password if necessary.
Wi-Fi settings
9 Once you are connected to the selected network, go back to the Applications screen on your mobile phone. In the Application screen, tap the Samsung Smart Washer application icon that was downloaded at the beginning of this process.
Samsung Smart app
10 After opening the Samsung app, tap Select a Country , and then Connection setup.
Samsung Smart app
11 You need to first press the Power button to activate the machine. You can activate the machine to any wash cycle.
Samsung Smart app
12 Simultaneously hold down the Smart Control and Delay End buttons for 5 seconds. The Wi-Fi indicator will blink for approximately 60 to 90 seconds. After the indicator stops blinking, proceed to the next step.
Press Smart App and Delay End button for 5 seconds
13 After you activate the machine, press the Temp. and Start/Pause buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. The AP menu will appear on the LED screen.
Press the temp. and Start/Pause buttons
14 After the AP menu appears on the LED screen, press the Start/Pause button. Once the Start/Pause button is pressed, the AP as displayed on the LED screen should start to blink. If you press the Start/Pause and the AP doesn’t blink, try again after a moment.
Press the temp. and Start/Pause buttons
15 Once the mobile application is opened, select the Setting Start key.

Pleaase note:

● The Wi-Fi indicator  will blink on & off on the phone several times.

● If the FAP code appears on the display panel, press the Start/Pause button and restart from Step number 14.

Setting Start
16 Once the unit starts connecting, the phone will load the AP list. When the AP list is loaded you need to select the network.

Please note: Please make sure the application and smart phone are connected to the same network/wireless AP.

Setting a network
17 After selecting the network you need to enter your password. Once you enter your password, select Connect. The unit will start setting up the network. This process delivers the connection information of AP that is connected to the mobile phone to the unit.
Setting a network
18 The oAP code will appear on the display panel of the washing machine and the Transfer complete message will appear on the mobile application. The phone is now connected to the machine through the network.

Please note: If the FAP code appears on the display panel, press the Start/Pause button and restart from Step number 14.

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