How to use the keyboard on the Note9?

Last Update Date : Sep 20. 2018
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The Note9 keyboard has changed from the Note8. Click on any of the options below to find out more:

SymbolsClick to Expand

Tap on the !#1 key on the bottom left to access all the available symbols on the Samsung Keyboard. Tap on the 1/2 key above that to switch between the two pages of symbols.

Symbol Shortcuts

There are also symbol shortcuts on either side of the spacebar for the most commonly used symbols. Tap and hold any of the keys and select from the list to switch the shortcut to that symbol. You can then just tap that symbol everytime you want to use it.

Keyboard ShortcutsClick to Expand
Shortcut Bar

Tap on the icon at the top left of the keyboard to switch between predictive text suggestions and keyboard shortcuts.

Auto-Replace ShortcutClick to Expand
Auto Replace Shortcut

When you have predictive text on the Shortcuts bar, tap on the down arrow on the top right of the keyboard. This will bring down the rest of the predictive text suggestions as well as a button to turn On / Off Auto-Replace.

More Keyboard ShortcutsClick to Expand
Re Arrange Shortcuts

Tap on the down arrow on the top right to bring down the rest of your shortcuts. Tap and hold a shortcut to re-arrange and move it to the desired location. This allows you to move your favourite functions to the top for easy access. 


Keyboard Shortcuts are as follows:

1 Emojis
2 Stickers
3 GIF Keyboard
GIF Keyboard
4 Speech to Text
Speech to Text
5 Live Message
Live Message
6 Handwriting
7 Clipboard
8 One-handed keyboard
One-Handed Keyboard

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