What are the Convergence features in Samsung F Series SMART TV?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Samsung F Series SMART TV came up with convergence feature. This enables you to perform similar task or watch similar media content on Samsung SMART TV as well as on other Samsung SMART devices such as mobile phones. There are three convergence feature : Smart View, AllShare Play, Screen Mirroring.





Smart View :

Enjoy the TV content on your mobile using Smart View feature.There are two type of view : dual and clone view.To know more about Smart View feature in Samsung TV click here.


AllShare Play :

AllShare Play allows you to share media content seamlessly across Samsung devices. To know more about AllShare Play click here.


Screen Mirroring :

With Screen Mirroring, you can share your Smart phone's media content to your Samsung Smart F Series TV without internet connection. To know more about Screen Mirroring feature in Samsung TV click here.


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