What is 'Link to Windows'?

Last Update date : 2023-12-13

Samsung Galaxy phones and Windows PCs work seamlessly when using Link to Windows. This feature allows you to connect your phone and computer to easily transfer your photos, manage notifications, respond to incoming calls, and send messages. You can also mirror your phone screen on your PC so that you can navigate your phone without ever having to pick it up.

Image of a man viewing the same screen on a Note10 device and Windows simultaneously

Note: The available features, menu options, screens, and settings may vary by software version, region, and device model.

First, make sure the Link to Windows feature is enabled on your phone. Navigate to and open Settings, then tap Connected devices, and then tap Link to Windows. Tap the switch next to Link to Windows and follow any on-screen instructions if prompted.

Link to windows
1 If you have a newer Galaxy phone, you can use the built-in Link to Windows feature to connect it to your PC. Ensure your Windows 10 or 11 PC has the Phone Link app installed; if not, download it from here or the Microsoft Store.
2 Open the Phone Link companion app on your PC, sign in to your Microsoft account if prompted, and select "I have the Link to Windows app ready." Pair with your phone by scanning the displayed QR code.
3 On your phone, access the Quick settings panel, tap the Link to Windows icon, and select "Link your phone and PC." Follow on-screen instructions, scan the QR code, grant permissions, and you're done.

Your phone and PC are now connected for calls, messages, photo sync, and screen mirroring. Remember, they usually need to be on the same network, but you can enable mobile data in phone settings if needed.

To access your device's data and notifications on your computer, open the Phone Link app, choose a category, and seamlessly interact with your phone's content. Select the specific category you're interested in, whether it's notifications, photos, messages, or settings, for a convenient interaction between your phone and computer.

Accessing data and notifications from your device on the computer

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