How do I connect the Note9 S Pen via Bluetooth?

Last Update Date : 2018-09-04

Take full advantage of the Note9 through the use of the remote control S Pen which has a range of up to 10m.


The pen supplied with the Note9 is already connected to the device so there is no need to make a Bluetooth connection manually.


In case of wanting to connect another S Pen to your device, connect it via Bluetooth and enjoy its functionalities to the fullest.

Please note: You can only connect Samsung-approved S Pens that support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Resetting the S PenClick to Expand

There are two ways to reset the S Pen connection: 

1 Long press the S Pen remote icon.
2 The S Pen remote settings screen will automatically open.

Tap the More options icon.

Tap more in the S Pen remote menu

Tap Reset S Pen.

Reset S Pen option in the S Pen remote menu

You can also access through Settings:

1 Open Settings.
2 Tap Advanced features.
4 Tap S Pen remote.
3 Tap S Pen.
5 Tap the More options icon.
Tap the “more options” icon.
6 Tap Reset S Pen.
Tap Reset S Pen
Connecting another S PenClick to Expand
1 Insert the S Pen into the slot to start the connection.
2 Open the notification panel by sliding down from the top of the device.
3 Expand the options in the notification panel.
Expand the options in the notification panel
4 Slide the notification panel to the left.
Slide the notification panel to the left.
5 Tap S Pen remote.
Tap the S Pen remote icon
6 Tap it again to reactivate it.

The S Pen icon on the status bar will flicker and might take a few minutes to connect. 

S pen icon

Please Note: Do not detach the S Pen from the device when it is being connected. Doing so will interrupt the process.

When the S Pen is connected, the S Pen icon on the status bar will disappear.


If it fails to connect or you want to use the previous S Pen, reconnect it following the earlier steps.

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